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Nov 2018 Meeting
Education Centre, 
New Queen Elizabeth Hospital
1st Prize: Engagement of Foundation Year Doctors in Surgery 
Presented by: Aliyah Choudhary
Aliyah Choudhary, Sarah Powell-Brett, Simon Anthony Fallis 
Good Hope Hospital

2nd Prize: Preliminary Assessment of a Large National Database Investigating Factors Influencing the Effect of Gender on Outcomes After Lower Limb Bypass 
Presented by: Ruth Benson
R Benson, D Lasserson, C Imray and A Bradbury University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, University of Birmingham, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham.  

Poster Prize: Not Awarded in Abstentia

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May 2018 Meeting
Wolverhampton Medical Institute, 
New Cross Hospital
1st Prize: Early Years Postgraduate Surgical Training Programmes in the UK Are
Failing To Meet National Quality Standards: An Analysis of the ASIT Lost
Tribe Study 

Presented by Dr James Glasbey

2nd Prize: Local Design, Trial and Implementation of the First Diabetic Foot Care
Patient Information Sheet
Presented by: Mr J Singh
  J Singh, A Shah, L Davenport, N Cole, M Katreddy, S Rajagopalan
Keele University Medical School in collaboration with University Hospital North Midlands 


Poster Prize: Can infra-red thermography be used to help assess the quality of kidneys for transplantation? 
  Presented by Mr Dilan Dabare
D Dabare, N Kalia, N Inston
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham


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Nov 2017 Meeting
Education Centre, Solihull Hospital
Heart of England NHS FT - Part of UHB NHSFT
1st Prize: Surgical site infection after gastrointestinal surgery in high, middle, and low
income countries: prospective, international cohort study
Presented by Mr Sivesh Kamarajah
GlobalSurg Collaborative   

2nd Prize: The Surgical Training Week: Encouraging Surgeons of the Future'
Presented by Dr Georgia Layton
  Georgia Layton1, Siobhan McKay1, James Archer1, Sarah Addison1
1. General Surgery Department, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust


Poster Prize:  An audit comparing size of polyps identified on Computer Tomography Colonoscopy
with histology
Presented by Mr Joshua Baker
Baker J1, Biju T2, Bullen T2
1.Department of Colorectal Surgery, 2.Department of Radiology, University Hospital North Midlands

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May 2017 Meeting
Education Centre, Russells Hall Hospital
Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

1st Prize:  Correlation and Phase Relationship Between Peripheral Muscle Tissue 
Oxygenation (St02) and Arterial Blood Gas Parameters In An Animal Hypovolaemia-resuscitation Model
  Presented by Mr Tom Barker
T Barker1, E Kirkman2, S Watts2, M Midwinter1
1 Academic Dept. of Surgery & Trauma, Royal Centre For Defence Medicine, Birmingham
2 Biomedical Sciences Dept; Dstl Porton Down, Salisbury 
2nd Prize:  Iron Metabolism is Dysregulated in Colorectal Adenocarcinoma and 
Associated with Mutations in B-raf

Presented by Mr Matthew Bedford
 M Bedford1, R D Horniblow1, S Evans1, E Sutton1, R Hollingworth1, N Lal2, A Beggs1, T H Iqbal1, C Tselepis1
Institue of Cancer & Genomic Sciences1, Institue of Immunity & Immunotherapy2
University of Birmingham

 S Bennett(1), S Morris(1), S Mirza(2)​
University of Birmingham(1), Walsall Manor Hospital(2)
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Nov 2016 Prizes
Mid Staffordshire Postgraduate Medical Centre
University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

1st Prize:  Recurrent mutations in FOXD4L3 are associated with retroperitoneal liposarcoma
  Presented by A Beggs
A Beggs, M Dilworth, J James, D Blakeway, J Stockton, S Humphray, Z Kingsbury, D Bentley, D Morton, P Taniere, D Gourevitch, A Desai 
1Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK
2University of Birmingham Medical School, Birmingham, UK
2nd Prize:  The Nrf2 Inhibitor Brutasol is a potent antitumour agent in an orthoptic mouse model
of colorectal cancer
Presented by J Evans
  J Evans, B Winiarski, P Sutton, R Jones, L ressel, C Duckworth, M Pritchard, I Copple, E Tweedle, E Costello, C Goldring, BK Park, D Palmer, N Kitteringham
University of Liverpool

Poster Prize:  Not another complaint
  C Macano, Z Zafar, A Brookes, A Rotundo, N Balaji, V Rao
University Hospitals of North Midlands
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May 2016 Prizes
Walsall Manor Hospital
1st Prize:  Non-reversal of Defunctioning Ileostomy in Low Anterior Resection For Rectal Cancer
    Presented by T Lee
T Lees3, G Swindall3, S Karandikar2, S Radley1, I Geh1,2
1Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, UK
2Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, UK
3University of Birmingham Medical School, Birmingham, UK
2nd Prize:  Modelling A Major Incident In The West Midlands Region
Presented by A Beavan
A Beavan, MJ MIdwinter
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Poster Prize:  Referral volume and patterns in general paediatric surgery in a
contemporary UK district hospital
A Gaunt1, S Patel2, D Bowley2, C Hendrickse2, O Gee1, S McCabe, A Coulden
1Birmingham Children’s Hospital, 2Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

December 2015 Prizes
University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

1st Prize:  Endovascular repair of asymptomatic thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysms with
fenestrated and branch devices a single centre experience
Presented by MCR Houlihan
MCR Houlihan, A.Koutsoumpelis, PFJ Clift, AM Ranasinghe, JE Mascaro, W Claridge, DJ Adam
 Birmingham Complex Aortic Team Vascular and Endovascular Unit, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. Adult Congenital Heart Unit, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Cardiothoracic Aortic Unit, University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

2nd Prize: Use of perioperative glucocorticoid therapy
Presented by A Gaunt
A.Gaunt, N Green, D Bowley, Heartlands Hospital, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Poster Prize: Operative waiting times for lower limb amputations and foot
debridements a single centre audit
Presented by N Dattani
N.Dattani, G.Bhasin, D.Higman, C.Imray, N.Matharu, P.Blacklay, A.Mahmood

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May 2015 Prizes
Russels Hall Hospital, Dudley

1st Prize: Cytoreductive surgery and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy: Safety and outcomes
from a newly established UK peritoneal malignancy unit
Presented by U Shariff
U.Shariff, C.Seretis, A.Ali, S.Veerabadran, T.Raju, D.Browse H.Youssef
General and Colorectal surgery, Good Hope Hospital

2nd Prize: Following the patient:  An audit of surgical ward round documentation
Presented by J-Barrett-Lee
J.Barrett-Lee, N.Arora, .Amor, JG.Williams
Department of Colorectal Surgery, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Poster prize: Laparoscopic Protack rectopexy for the management of full thickness rectal prolapse
Presented by  Dr V Cubas
V.Cubas, A.Karim, H.Ibrahim, M.Goldstein, D.Bowley, D.R McArthur
Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham

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